Hybrid Energy Services can help with all of your oilfield equipment and organizational needs in Alberta and beyond.


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Hybrid Energy Services will be your third party supervisor on location to document the entire casing process.



Optimization of the equipment reduces liability and creates accountability.

Promoting Environmental Responsibility

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The philosophy of Hybrid is to integrate technology with safety creating accountability. Accountability to all services ultimately results in an environmentally safe oilfield that will protect the natural resources of Canada for many generations to come.

President and CEO Jason Lytwyn states "It's the end to end integration of innovative products and services that directly impacts the successful completion of each well drilled."

Hybrid Energy Services Ltd

Provides a number of dilligent services offering excellence in service and quality.

Action, reaction. Cause and effect. Protect yourself.

Hiring Hybrid guarantees you have done your due diligence to ensure the service you have requested is being performed to the highest industry standard.

Hybrid Energy Services Ltd

January 7, 2016

Hybrid New Products


Hybrid Energy Services is in the process of purchasing 114mm, 139.7mm, 177.8mm Volant Casing Running Tool. This addition to our products and services will create another option for safety and excellence....