Thread Washing

Clean threads ensure that the torque applied is being transferred fully to the threads

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Proper preparation is instrumental in ensuring that a string of casings will perform to specifications and last to its maximum life expectancy by reducing the corrosion caused by Hydrogen Sulphides in the well bore. Hydrogen Sulphides will attack any impurities in the connection, i.e. debris and damages in the threads, causing the threads to become brittle and susceptible to corrosion which can result in leaks and a wellbore that has lost integrity. It is a recommended practice that every connection entering a wellbore be properly cleaned prior to running to avoid this type of problem.

Clean threads ensure that the torque applied is being transferred fully to the threads. If there is debris or shipping thread compound/contaminated compound, the torque shown on a gauge or computer will differ from what is actually being applied.

Additionally, all thread, whether API, semi-premium or premium, all have elements where the connection seals, and this can only be accomplished with a clean thread.

Vacuum drifting

With both units, we utilize vacuum drifting to eliminate any hazards that are associated with conventional drifting. By eliminating a snake, we reduce the risk of pinch points as well as a heavy object getting thrown out the end of a joint, reducing the likelihood of injury that comes with the drifting operation. The time it takes and manpower to drift is also reduced.

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Laser Tally

We use the Digi-Tally Laser Pipe Tally System to create accurate tally length reports. These are supplied digitally for accuracy and ease of use for the consultant.

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Eliminate human error, increase efficiency, reduce hazards and injury, eliminate unnecessary environmental contamination, and save time and money.

This service is package well with Hybrid Energy Services Ltd end to end casing handling philosphy.

Remove Protectors     Laser Tally the casing or production string     Vacuum Drift     Steam Wash

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