Casing Running Tool

Our CRT’s are designed to be lightweight, compact and completely mechanical.

They are designed for simple installation, which can be accomplished on any top drive rig within minutes. The CRT design makes the operations simple yet efficient.

The system employs a dual release safety mechanism that needs the combination of weight and reverse rotation for the tool to be released from the casing. With the following features listed below, these tools will greatly assist getting your casing to bottom.


  • Make/Break connections, fill, circulate, rotate, reciprocate and cement through capabilities
  • Completely mechanical
  • Lightweight and mechanical
  • Single connection rig in
  • Immediate solutions for challenging hole conditions
  • Casing drilling applications
Tool Model Max. Hoist Max. Torque Casing Sizes
CRTi2-4.5 120 ton (109 tonne) 13,000 ft.lbs (17,626 N.m) 4.5 in (114.3 mm) to 5.5 in (139.7 mm)
CRTi2-5.5 200 ton (181 tonne) 25,000 ft.lbs (33,895 N.m) 5.5 in (139.7 mm) to 13.38 in (339.7 mm)
CRTi3-7.0 320 ton (290 tonne) 50,000 ft.lbs (67,791 N.m) 7.0 in (177.8 mm) to 20.0 in (508.0 mm)

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